Practice Areas


Our clients are entrepreneurs and business executives. We understand the importance of helping them set up business structures to optimize their operations, seize opportunities, and manage risk. Our goal: serve as trusted counsel to help our clients thrive and grow. We regularly advise French and other foreign businesses in beginning or expanding their U.S. operations.

Corporate Transactions
We help clients structure business deals to maximize their rights, leverage and other strategic objectives and so be better positioned to realize the full potential of a transaction. We are particularly experienced in counseling domestic, French and other foreign companies in purchasing and selling businesses and business assets.

Business Operations and Relationships
We help clients structure their employee relations, contracts, and real estate arrangements to maximize flexibility and profitability, preserve solid and productive business relationships, and manage risk.

Trusted Outside Counsel
As outside general counsel to domestic companies — as well as those based in France and elsewhere that do business in the United States — we are particularly skilled in analyzing a business’ full range of challenges and opportunities and efficiently counseling on solutions that have multifaceted benefits.


We represent companies throughout the real estate industry that are based in the United States, France and elsewhere. We also regularly represent organizations that have more particularized real estate interests.

Handling transactions over the full lifecycle of a real estate deal — including purchases, sales, and leases — and all matters arising out of the transfer of real property — we help clients strike advantageous deals and relationships with those they do business. We regularly perform real estate closings for our clients.

Where a dispute arises out of a property-related transaction or arrangement, as it sometimes does, we provide forceful representation in courts and alternative dispute resolution settings. We counsel clients in matters such as:
• Property disputes
• Condominium law
• Property damage
• Lease disputes


Given the damage and unpredictability typically resulting from litigation, businesses rarely actively seek out a dispute. But where one occurs, we provide the representation necessary to realize the best result possible. We represent domestic companies — as well as French and other foreign businesses doing business in the United States — in state and federal courts, as well as alternative dispute resolution settings. We help clients resolve disputes involving a wide range of subjects, including litigation pertaining to:

• Contracts and Operating Agreements
• Franchise arrangements
• Board member liability
• Insurance
• Employment matters
• Noncompete issues