International Business Strategies

International tax law can be complex. International PLLC has the expertise and experience to offer intelligent and insightful offshore legal advice and services. We can successfully navigate IRS international tax law while ensuring you remain 100% compliant.

We help clients optimize their profitability by establishing a presence offshore. We analyze your business operations and determine whether they could benefit from an offshore presence, then help you set up companies in the Cayman Islands, Barbados, or other jurisdictions that suit your specific needs.

There are undeniable benefits to establishing a presence offshore. While many clients are motivated by the significant legal advantages, other companies are interested in offshore advantages such as security, confidentiality, a competitive edge in the market, or lower operational costs.

Establishing an offshore presence can maximize revenue and tax efficiencies in many cases. International Counsel PLLC will examine all tax treaties and local laws to determine the best possible offshore opportunities to consider.

Areas of Focus

  • Advising on tax efficiencies
  • Developing/managing intellectual property
  • Developing/managing international trademarks
  • Inter-party agreements
  • Administrative services agreements
  • Management agreements
  • Business licenses
  • Corporate compliance, including governance and corporate documents
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